NEW Video Release: Ghar More Pardesiya

When we saw that Madhuri was starring in a new movie coming out this Spring, just like all Indian dance lovers, I was waiting for the music to be released. While Madhuri is not taking the main stage in this song, Alia Bhatt does grace us with her Kathak movements and precision in Remo D'souza's choreography.

I can't lie and say I wasn't waiting for Madhuri to get up and give us a her magic :). However, the vocals by Shreya Ghoshal & Vaishali Mhade along with composition by Pritam gives us dancers more than enough inspiration to create to this beautiful love song.

Tarana Dance Company Artists Priya Doobay & Brittany Singh

Once hearing this song, it was so easy to visualize the flow, movement and emotion in the choreography that I was going to use on Priya & Brittany.

Kathak based with fluid transitions and accent movements creating a feel good piece of dance to music we love so much.

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