Morphing into mama.

Photo by Rathaur Portraits

They say when a woman becomes a mother, she has transformed into a new version of herself, someone she never knew she could be. I haven't felt this creative, grounded, inspired and liberated at any other time in my life. As an artist #artislife and through our personal highs, lows and experiences we can create from a deep place of authenticity, truth and soul. The narrative changes and the visions become clear. Throughout my pregnancy, the universe has brought me together with some incredible, creative, dynamic women & I couldn't be more grateful to experience creation through their eyes, their vision and their process.

Prachi of @rathaurportraits

Prachi of Rathaur Portraits and I have been in touch over the last year, when a collaborative proposal was brought up initially, it was for dance/movement images and I was thrilled, but as time would have it that quickly changed to creative maternity.

Prachi is a woman of vision who works to create a feeling with her images.

What story is being told?

Who is the subject & how are they feeling?

I very rarely get to be a subject and I thoroughly enjoyed being a product of her artistic vision and experience. I felt a sense of comfort, warmth and totally at ease in her boutique barn studio. Maternity photos are one thing, but these are a work of passion, creativity and art.

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