Do you have the keys?

We have this innate feeling that we need a stamp of approval to be valid. We need that nod from a superior, a pat on the back for a job well done by a parent or a piece of paper to say, you may proceed. Have you ever thought about who actually holds the power to your life, and what would happen if you simply took the power back?

As we go through our lives we are constantly passing levels, gathering up shiny medals, waiting for a green light to move forward in our lives. Most of the time, we know what we want to do, but we think we have to have the right blueprint, all tools necessary needed to start AND can't forget that stamp of approval.

One of those most validating experiences to go through is to realize that you hold the keys, don't pass them around. Hold them, and go through your doors one at a time, working at your own pace at your own free will unlocking your life the way you want.

Not so easy in real life, right? It could be, if we also stop telling ourselves that we all need to be an over night success. How did that term even come to be? No one is an overnight success. Allow yourself the time to live a life that was built on passion, hope & determination. Do not wait for someone who is not qualified to direct you to do so. You hold the keys, you know the destination, you take your own journey.

Many times in life, I have looked around for someone to give me a nod, what I realised was that I was looking ANYWHERE for that validation but to myself. Nuts, I know. When I did that, my life was random, unfocused & I was not happy. I stopped playing the blame game, and I also let go of what people expected me to become vs. what I knew I was meant to be. The minute I did that I felt liberated, the path became clear & I knew that it was simply a matter of me taking the first step.

Starting something, anything that is simply of your own pure will, gut feeling & decision is both scary and freakin beautiful. Imagine being able to take back all the keys and harness all that energy into the power that you have over yourself your possibilities are endless.

Wishing you

Love x Light.

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