When the filters go off & the slippers go on.

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Entrepreneurs, most people on social media know you 100% as your brand, your persona, your company. We all know that keeping up with social media is a job on it's own. Those who know you very closely, your siblings, your spouse your closest usually see a different version of you online. That social media persona, is just like dropping into visit a friend at their job. Their voice is different, wardrobe is fitting to their employment role and they are focused on workplace culture, etiquette, and the vision of their employers. I always mention to friends and family not to feel bad for not following my work/professional accounts on Instagram, that's work space.

Work Life: Planning, shooting, creating.

While followers or clients know one part of you, what about the other part of you? What do you indulge in when you're not working? For example, if you asked someone what my passion or hobby was, they'd probably say dance, for sure. The truth? Dance is my first love and led me to my full time career. My hobby and interests as a 30 something year old woman is very different and change and evolve, as I change and evolve.

Hobbies are important to keep us balanced, refreshed and rested. Me, I love anything to do with reading about skincare, natural treatments, cozy life & spa experiences, hence why me and my girlfriends end up at Body Blitz multiple times a year to legit - reset.

Home life: Cuddles with the pups and baby bump.

When i'm not working or "on" you will find me with oil in my hair, reading conspiracy theories, watching movies based on true events, being wherever my hubs and pups are, writing and reading self love/level up books - FUN.

The identity game that's come from having a business persona online has blurred the line of business and personal life. Don't feel obligated to be the same version of you online, when you're hanging with family on the weekend or home in your own personal space. You're not inauthentic, you're just off from work. The hustle required to make it is real and necessary, but down time, YOU time, is needed to recharge so you can show up for your business, brand, clients, followers 1000% ready to KILL IT.

I wish you productive, efficient, solid working hours AND fun, relaxing, balanced YOU time, it goes hand in hand, not one without the other.


Thank you to Pajama Sutra for encouraging my love for spa life & to #loungelikeagoddess with their LARA Dressing Robe, perfect for end of the day, swapping out my business owner hat for my cozy home-body me time.

Thank you for reading,

With love,


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