Bollywood on Breakfast Television T.O

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Everything from hip bounces to wrist movements, team BollyFuze had an amazing time on Breakfast Television. I had a great time teaching some staple movements to hosts, Gina & Frank and the team and I demonstrated a mini demo of our workout program for viewers.

In case you missed it:

BollyFuze is a bollywood dance based workout, designed to get you up and moving! Showcasing traditional and innovative movement from indo dance styles blended with mainstream fitness techniques, BollyFuze is a one stop shop for fun, fitness and your dose of Bollywood dance.

A typical class is 60 minutes in length.

Features 3 segments

- Warm Up

- Interval Dance Cardio

-Toning & Cool Down

Interested in joining a class?

Email the team at to receive our current event dates.

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