5 easy ways YOU can be kind TODAY

Hello my lovely humans,


- kinda random, I know.

There are so many national & international days of things from celebrating your pup ( every day for me #obsesseddogmom ) to national hot ice cream yoga day and more, am I right?

If you know me, I love seeing people do great things, things that make them feel good, things that I know they dreamed of doing all their lives or simply wish to accomplish on a short term basis. There is something about someone deciding & executing that I simply can't get enough of.

I love seeing people feel good, and it would be even great if I could help that.

So when I saw that today was National Random Acts of Kindness Day - it was one I knew I had to celebrate, because who doesn't love making someone's day? If you're like me and you find out there is a holiday or something to celebrate or do the day of, I blank on all the ways I could possibly participate, YUP.

Imagine that blank white board and me sitting there even more blank.You got it.

SO to avoid another year going of me saying "okay i'll remember next year" OR simply justifying why I just couldn't make it happen this year, I've put together 5 simple, cost effective ways YOU can do something RANDOM & KIND for a stranger today.

1.) COFFEE/TEA Anyone?

If you have some extra change, pay for the person behind you in the line at the coffee shop. Have a $20? Buy four $5.00 cards and hand them out to strangers. EVERYONE loves them their favorite hot bevvy- especially if it's, ahem - free!

2.) Hold the door

You may be thinking - this ain't that special. How many times have you rushed through the door without looking back OR been on the other end, with your arm out to catch the door and the person in front of you just makes it through without holding it for you? There's something that connects two people in the 2 seconds it takes to stop to hold the door, exchange a smile or "hey" and carry on your day. You will go through a few doors today, this one is a simple & easy add-on to something you already have to do!

3.) Co-worker LOVE

These are the people you're with EVERYDAY, why not make them feel special about it. Order in everyone's favorite snacks, or mid-day smoothie pick-me- up, anything unexpected is always a nice feeling.

4.) Donate Clothes

Absolutely free, and absolutely needed. Take the time to pull out a few loved but maybe not so needed items from your wardrobe and donate them. If you want to take it a step further, go through your pantry or cupboards and put together a basket and drop it off at a women's shelter, salvation army etc.

5.) Dish out the - COMPLIMENTS!

Have you ever been walking down the street and someone has said "You have a beautiful smile" OR " love the jacket!" Anytime you have a good thought about someone, instead of keeping it to yourself, make an effort to share it directly with them.

Most of these can cost less than a single $20 bill and mostly come with just a tag of your time. It takes less than 5 seconds but leaves a stranger or special person with a lasting feeling that may or may not turn into a chain reaction of feel good actions that YOU started.

If you went ahead and did any of these, comment below & let me know!

I would love to hear what feel-good deeds you dished out today.

About the author

Reshmi Chetram is the Creative Director of 'Tarana Dance School & Production House,' host of 'The Zen Code' podcast & BollyFit TV show. Reshmi is a Toronto based entrepreneur who motivates, leads & super charges her community with her artistic dance projects & motivational lifestyle content on her Official Youtube Channel. Find out more at www.reshmichetram.com

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