Reshmi is the Director of Dance Education at Tarana Dance  in Canada. With over a decade of experience in the performing arts as a Kathak Dancer, Reshmi  stands on the foundation built by her mother Deviekha Chetram, who championed fair access to Indian arts for all communities and paved way for new generation artists to build their careers and passion in dance. Reshmi is a senior disciple of ,  Deviekha Chetram   & world renowned Kathak Guru, Sri Pandit Birju Maharaj in New Delhi India.  Reshmi has graced stages both locally & globally and her work has been featured on high profile stages such as Luminato Festival, Harbourfront World Stage, Pepsi Campaigns, Lululemon Partnerships & many more. Reshmi is bringing the traditional arts to a modern world by training the new generation of artists to be rooted in culture & to branch out through their own innovation.  Reshmi oversees the training of  Tarana Dance Instructors, curriculum & execution of annual charity events, corporate functions, branding & production assistance for North American artists & much more. 

Work Featured

  • Toronto Star 

  • 4 Weddings Canada

  • YTV/ Bollywood Boulevard/ ATN 

  • Canadian Contemporary Dance Festival 

  • World Harbourfront Festival 

  • Trillium Foundation Events

  • IIFA Awards Festival, Toronto 

  • Pepsi Campaigns

& much more!

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Work Featured

  • Tonic Magazine

  • Healthy Living Magazine

  • Breakfast Television

  • Rogers Daytime TV

  • CHCH News

  • Ideacity, Toronto 

  • Economist & Sun 

  • Womens Health Conference, Toronto

  • DivaGirl Fitness Conference, Toronto 
    & many more!

Reshmi is known to assist  others  in reaching their highest potential. Whether it be through mentoring, coaching, teaching, Reshmi has touched many lives with her  compassionate, open & encouraging persona. Reshmi is the Host of 'BollyFit Television Series "a 30 minute Bollywood Workout that is accessible to viewers in the comfort of their own homes.  Reshmi is the host to ' The Zen Code' Podcast.' An audio experience that is built to help you crack open, purge your life  and make room for the next version of yourself.